Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the main hormone in the body of men. A strong decline in its levels can lead to negative results. Learn how to raise testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the main and very important hormone for men. It shapes the behavior and appearance of men. Testosterone is not only a mountain of muscles, but also a speed of thinking in the most critical situations.

Scientists have found that after the age of 30, the level of testosterone begins to decline. However, a natural fall does not cause serious side effects in male body. It is much worse when this drop is sharp, which can be due to a large number of reasons. Today, we will consider the causes of lower testosterone levels, and how this situation can be remedied.

Causes of Decreased Testosterone Levels

Reasons for drop in testosterone levels may be different, and today we will talk about the most common. It has already been noted above that the synthesis of this hormone begins to decrease with age. This process is irreversible and in most cases is not negative. However, a strong androgen deficiency is possible, and in this case hormonal therapy is necessary.

A very serious effect on the content of testosterone in body can have a wrong nutrition program. To produce testosterone, the body needs various vitamins and minerals. If they are deficient, the level will decrease. It is necessary to observe proper nutrition, which will eliminate this cause.

The most dangerous for level of testosterone is overweight. This factor significantly inhibits the production of testosterone, and the body begins to actively synthesize estrogens (female sex hormones). As a result, the body has disrupted hormonal balance, which can lead to the most serious consequences.

Also, a strong influence on the level of testosterone is exerted by the lack of physical activity, bad habits. At the same time, strong physical activity can cause a decrease in testosterone levels. Do not forget about psychological problems, for example, frequent stress.

Foods that Increase Testosterone Naturally

So, with reasons for a decrease in synthesis of testosterone, we have figured out, now it is necessary to find out how to raise the level of testosterone and we will start with nutrition. You should remember that with an incorrect food program, you can not even think about the normal level of this hormone.

The synthesis of testosterone, like other hormones, is a very complex process, in which a large number of different substances participate. You must provide your body with all the necessary ingredients - minerals, vitamins, nutrients.

Among minerals, zinc, found in fish, nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, is of greatest importance. In somewhat smaller amounts, selenium, magnesium and calcium are also needed for the synthesis of testosterone.

Of course, for the normal functioning of the body all vitamins are needed. However, today we are looking for an effective method of raising testosterone and for this, vitamins F, C, B and E are primarily needed. Also, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in fish are also needed.

Speaking about nutrients, it should be noted that testosterone is synthesized from fats and for this reason in your diet should be lean meat. This product is a source not only of essential fatty acids, but also of protein compounds. Ordinary water is also necessary. During the day you should drink at least two liters of water.

It has long been established by scientists that moderate stresses contribute to an increase in testosterone levels. Your training session should not last more than one hour. From this time it is necessary to give about 10 or 15 minutes to warm up, and the remaining time should be given to work with weights.

Within a week, you should be trained no more than three times and between lessons to do at least one day of rest. You should definitely use the basic exercises - squats, bench press, deadlift, etc. The weight of the sports equipment should be chosen so that you can perform 8 to 10 repetitions, the last of which should cause maximum effort.

Steroids for Raising Testosterone Levels

In the final part of this article, we will talk about anabolic steroids, as the most effective way of raising testosterone levels. Actually anabolic drugs were created for the treatment of various abnormalities in the work of the human hormonal system. They are used for hormonal therapy and now.

Athletes almost never have problems with the level of testosterone. Of course, not all of them use anabolics and quite enough physical exertion. However, any steroid helps to increase the level of testosterone.

If you are not engaged in bodybuilding, then you should not use steroids at once. If you are a bodybuilder, sooner or later you will come to the use of anabolics. This will allow you to gain a large amount of muscle mass, increase libido and testosterone levels.

When using anabolic gear in small dosages, you should not be afraid of side effects, of which so much and often today is spoken. In most cases this is due to overdoses or misunderstanding of the topic itself.

Steroids can be taken orally or injected. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. Athletes in most cases use a combined cycle of anabolic/androgenic steroids or speaking more simply - combinations of two or more steroids.

The main thing is to strictly adhere to the permitted dosages and the duration of the cycles. Also, do not use steroids if you do not exercise. It is better to pay attention to your nutrition in this case.


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