Winstrol / Boldenone Cycle

This blowing cycle will provide high-quality muscle pumping in terms of aesthetic relief, vascularity and a beautiful muscular mass. This includes the growth of strength, as well as the endurance of athletes. The latter qualities are not basic, but will develop along with cycle for cutting. Both drugs have a significant anabolic profile, hence their mutually beneficial metabolism, which in the end will bring the maximum result in the form of a lean body.

Winstrol / Boldenone Cycle Effects

  • Accelerated increase in athlete's musculature (about 4 kg in weight)
  • Improved muscle metabolism with a score of up to 45%
  • Reduction in body fat (up to 4%)
  • Bodybuilding power results increased by 19%
  • Stamina up to 27%
  • Processes for the synthesis of protein cells with a ratio of 45%+.

Methods of Use and Dosages

The role of a beginner athlete is excellent for this cycle. With the help of Winstrol + Boldenone, you can achieve excellent pumping, which will allow you to have a substantial base for the following courses and trainings. It is important to take this course very seriously, observing the necessary dosages and proportions. The duration of the course is from 6 to 8 weeks.

The optimal cycle includes:

  • Boldenone - 10 mL (300 mg per mL)
  • Winstrol - 10 mL (50 mg per mL)
  • Clomid - 20 tablets, used for PCT, at the end
  • Vitamins, sport nutrition, gainer or protein.

In addition, the detailed scheme is as follows:

  • 1. Winstrol - 50 mg/day during the cycle
  • 2. Boldenone - 300mg every 3 days
  • 3. Clomid - 2 tablets per day, after the cycle on PCT

The last drug in the branch is intended for rapid rehabilitation of hormonal background in the body, as well as the normalization of testosterone. PCT is mandatory, which will eliminate any side symptoms. Sometimes, it is recommended to use Strombafort/Stanoxyl, instead of Winstrol Depot. In either version, the injection version shows the best effect in most cases. Although there are exceptions, in individual cases.

An important component of any cycle of anabolic steroids, including this one, is the practice of correct recovery after, competent trainings and specialized food. Do not forget about sleep and rest, which are very important in the training process.


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