How to Use Insulin for Weight Gain?

Today we will not stop on the description of insulin and its properties. If you are reading this article, you should be well informed about insulin and the danger of this drug. However, we want to say that before using insulin, you must fully understand its mechanism of work and decide whether you need this drug.

If you are a beginner athlete and train for less than three years, then you definitely do not need insulin, like any other anabolic drug. Anabolics can be most effective if the athlete has reached his genetic limit. Moreover, bodybuilders can do without these drugs at all. If you have already used steroids, and they ceased to have a positive effect, then you can try stronger drugs.

Here are the main reasons why the builders are interested in insulin:

  • Strongest anabolic effect on the body.
  • No less severe anti-catabolic properties.
  • Regenerative processes are accelerated.
  • Increases working capacity.
  • The effect of steroids increases.
  • Sharply increases appetite.

How to Use Insulin for Gaining Weight

First of all, it must be remembered that in sports only ultra-short insulin is used. Neither others can be categorically used! You should also learn to quickly recognize the first symptoms of hypoglycemia, or more simply, the drop in sugar concentration:

  • Severe sweating.
  • Tremor.
  • Increase heart rate.
  • An increasing feeling of hunger.
  • The appearance of circles before your eyes.
  • Sensation of dryness in the oral cavity.

If you have mild hypoglycemia, then this should be regarded as a positive thing. We note that this state arises in every person under certain conditions and has an individual character. It is always necessary to start the cycle with minimal dosages, but more on this below. To stop hypoglycemia, you need to use a cocktail containing from 50 to 60 grams of whey protein and 8-10 grams of fructose (you can use maltodextrin) for each unit of administered insulin. Remember that during the cycle, fats of animal nature and simple carbohydrates should be discarded.

How to Use Insulin

60 minutes after waking up, you need to make the first injection of insulin. After that, wait half an hour and take a cocktail, which was mentioned above. However, if hypoglycemia has occurred earlier, then drink a cocktail without waiting for this time. After that, you will eat a lot and it is important to remember the quality of food. If you do not take this issue seriously, you will gain fat mass.

With daily injections, the duration of the cycle should not exceed 30 days. If the drug is used exclusively on training days, the cycle time can be 60 days.

It is necessary to warn you immediately that after three such cycles, the effectiveness of the use of insulin drops sharply. It remains to understand in what dosages it is necessary to use this drug. Each cycle starts with a daily dose of 4 units. Each day, increase the dose by two units and no more. Once you start experiencing hypoglycemia, or a daily dose of 10 units, stop increasing dosages.

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