How To Use HCG

You should know that there are two types of Gonadotropin - Menopausal, and also Chorionic. Although the structure of these substances is very similar, they are not interchangeable. The first type of Gonadotropin is synthesized in women during the period of postmenopause, and the second - during pregnancy.

Both substances can accelerate the secretion of hormones from gonadotropic group. However, Chorionic mainly affects the production of luteinizing hormone, and Menopausal in turn affects the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone to a greater extent. Note that doctors use both drugs to treat various diseases in both sexes.

For us, Gonadotropin is of interest from the point of view of sports, then preference must be given to the Chorionic. The second type of substance is also used by bodybuilders, but extremely rarely. First of all, it can be useful for eliminating problems with the process of spermatogenesis after the anabolic steroid course. If an athlete has serious problems after using Trenbolone or other progestagenic AAS, then Menopause Gonadotropin can help.

When Bodybuilders Should Use HCG

Probably, you know that thanks to HCG it is possible to avoid the process of testicular atrophy. If you are already in this state, then with the help of this drug the capacity of the glands of hormonal secretion can be restored. Let's find out when you might need this drug:

  • If the duration of anabolic cycle is 12 weeks or more, or Testosterone is used in a weekly dose of more than one gram. If you take short cycles with low dosages of AAS and avoid progestogen preparations, then HCG is not needed. Use this drug in a single dose of 1500 to 2000 IU every third day. Do this every five weeks.
  • During period of pause between cycles in order to remain secure. Dosage remains the same, and you may not use the drug at this time.
  • When several full-scale mass-gathering cycles were conducted, and the break between them was short. After that, a course of cutting followed, and you decided not to use steroids for four months or more. In this situation, we recommend to start a full post cycle therapy.

The latter situation requires a little explanation. You need, after one half-life of the longest used AAS, every fourth day to inject 2500 IU of HCG. Over the next week, continue to reduce the concentration of estrogen with Anastrozole or another similar preparation - Arimidex / Arimixyl / Aridex. After these actions, begin a full recovery therapy.

HCG Side Effects

Immediately it is necessary to warn that this medication can not be used directly during post cycle therapy. Otherwise, you will only aggravate the situation. However, let us return to consideration of possible side effects from the use of HCG. Let's start with the aromatization, although this process is not so pronounced, but it has a place to be.

Also, with prolonged use of HCG, the body may stop responding to it. In addition, it is purely theoretically possible to develop tumoral neoplasms on the sex glands. However, if you use HCG according to recommendations, then there will be no problems.

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