How to Store Steroids and Other Drugs

For experienced athletes today's article will certainly not be very interesting, because they know the answer to the question - How to store steroids? But for beginners this information will be absolutely not superfluous. It is very offensive when a steroid is not effective because of a violation of storage conditions.

How to Store Growth Hormone

If you are storing Somatotropin (Growth Hormone) in powder, then it is best to do it in the refrigerator, although at room temperature to 20 degrees the drug does not go bad. But the dissolved growth hormone must be kept only in the refrigerator and not more than five days. If the temperature during storage of the drug exceeds 20 degrees, the active substance will begin to degrade.

How to Store Steroids

Anabolic steroids are very important to keep in the dark place. Storage temperature should be in the range of 8 to 25 degrees. This applies to both injectables (oily esters and water suspensions) and tableted supplements. Thus, you can keep them in the usual medicine cabinet and it is important that they do not get exposed to sunlight.

How to Store HCG

HCG is perfectly preserved at a temperature of 2 to 15 degrees. Although storage at a room temperature is completely acceptable. But you can not freeze and expose the drug to sunlight. This will result in the loss of its properties. If you have already diluted the drug and not used it immediately, then it should be stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees for a maximum of ten days.

How to Store Insulin

If you bought the drug for the future and do not intend to use it in the near future, then place it in the refrigerator, as far away from the freezer. Insulin is allowed to store for 30 days. If you already use insulin, then it should be stored at room temperature and not expose it to sunlight.

How to Store IGF-1

Not yet dissolved, this drug is able to maintain its properties for three years at a temperature of -20 to +37 degrees. If you have already diluted IGF-1, then it is necessary to place it in a temperature regime of about 8 degrees and store it only for a day. The optimal option is to use immediately the whole obtained solution.


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