Growth Hormone: Properties and Usage

Somatotropin is used today by almost all professional bodybuilders. The cost of this drug is still relatively high, but some users can already afford a cycle of growth hormone. We will not stop on the growth hormone itself, as every bodybuilder knows about it. We will recall that this substance belongs to the class of peptide hormonal substances.

Somatotropin is responsible for the development of the body during puberty. In adults, this hormone promotes the restoration of the joint-ligament apparatus.

How Effective is Growth Hormone?

Surely you have already visited the sports shops and studied the dealers offers. Very often you can hear a statement that even one cycle of growth hormone is enough to make your body simply unrecognizable. It is generally known that Somatotropin has powerful anabolic properties and effectively burns fat. You can be assured that this drug does it all, but not as much as they say.

The solo cycle of the drug can be quite effective, but the maximum effect can be obtained only when combined with anabolics. In this case, it not only increases the effectiveness of steroids, but there is an opportunity to reduce their dosage. In most cases, a solo Somatotropin cycle will not allow you to get the results similar to a steroid cycle.

Probably, many people have a question, why then do pro-bodybuilders become huge when using Growth Hormones? The answer lies on the surface and, first of all, it is necessary to remember about genetics. In addition, professional cycled of Somatotropin include Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids and Insulin. Do not forget about dosages, which can reach up to 30 units per day. Fitness enthusiasts are simply not ready for such a cycle from any point of view.

Using this drug during cutting, you can quite actively burn fat and at the same time keep muscle mass. When using Growth Hormone in combination with a correct dietary nutrition program and Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids, the results can be quite impressive. But the solo cycles and in terms of fat burning will not be so effective, although much better in comparison with mass-gathering.

How Correctly to Conduct a Cycle of Somatotropin?

It should be said that the first couple of years you should train naturally. Next, use AAS and gain muscle mass. All this time, the use of Somatotropin will be a waste of money. Only when steroids cease to produce the desired result, the Growth Hormone can enter the case. We have already said which dosages are used in professional bodybuilding. However, for fans, they are extremely high. Start with 4 IU per day and gradually reach 10 IU. At the same time, Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids should also be part of the course.

Approximately one year of correct use of anabolics you can significantly improve the constitution of your body. The daily dosage of Somatotropin should be administered two times - in the morning and 90 minutes before the start of the training. During the days without training, the drug must be administered before the first meal and before dinner. It is very important to inject 60 minutes before eating.

On steroids, it is worth using Testosterone, but from various thyroid hormones or insulin, it is better to refuse. In addition, it is not possible to administer Somatotropin before going to sleep, so as not to disrupt the production process of the endogenous substance in the body. That's actually all the recommendations.

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